Staking everything in Real-Time Marketing

Conversational Marketing - Real Time Engagement - Taking a leap

This week I declared at theĀ Conversational Marketing Summit that I was staking my whole career on Real-Time Marketing. I believe this will be at least 50% of all marketing activities in a few years. In the coming months, watch as I use this blog to go deep into describing what real-time marketing is, explain the framework that drives it (see a summary below) and track activities in the marketplace around it as well as from within the four walls of PepsiCo. One important caveat, people often associate real-time marketing with social media marketing. That’s not true. Social Media Marketing fits into the world of Real-Time Marketing which also includes real-time audience buying, media distribution and addressable television. Here’s some coverage of my talk. Watch for slides soon and take a look at what Facebook is doing and how other companies like Taykey who I’ve tested solutions with are doing. Agencies like iCrossing with its live media studio are also aggressively entering this space.