Two Must Read Books: Do or Die & SIRFs-Up

Do or Die and Sirf's Up - Book Review

I should have drawn attention to this book many moons ago when it was published last year (especially since I was interviewed for it). It’s Clark Kokich’s Do or Die. It’s sharp, insightful and thoroughly engaging. Most important of all and unlike many books, it has a differentiated point of view on marketing and the evolution of brands. It’s case study driven and makes a compelling argument for why traditional advertising and the historically safe forms of marketing aren’t enough to succeed in today’s world. You literally have to do versus just say. Not surprisingly, I’m a big believer in that philosophy and talked about it at the time of the Pepsi Pulse launch.

Once you’re done reading Do or Die, a very different book to pick up is Rex Briggs’s SIRFs-Up which explains how measurement and marketing effectiveness should really work. I’ve always been impressed by Rex’s thinking and his contributions to our industry. He won’t let you down with this book. Covering spending levels, medix mix, forecasted sales and performance metrics it’ll help you answer the tough questions that you may get from your CEO or CFO. I was also interviewed by Rex for SIRFs-Up.