Your 30 Billion Competitors

million competitors - digital marketing

I work in one of the most hyper-competitive industries that keeps getting more competitive. 30 billion times more. That’s roughly the number of status updates published each month on Facebook. Arguably, by the end of the year that number may have doubled or quadrupled.

Lifestyle brands compete with those 30 billion status updates for attention, relevance, interest and mindshare everyday. It’s the new battleground. If the brands I work with were mentioned meaningfully in just 5.0% of those status updates, it would change my business dramatically. Brands succeed when they have cultural resonance and whether it is Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist, AMP Energy, SoBe or Propel, those 30 billion status updates are the competition, more competition than another beverage company.
We live in a world where everyone and everything has become media. Brands, people, objects and technology are all media in some form competing with each other for attention and for the attention of each other. That’s the world we live in. Knowing how to compete in this new world order on a global scale and in ways that benefit your brands is worth having many sleepless nights about.