4 Steps Every Entrepreneur Should Take Before Launching a Social Media Campaign

Launching a social media campaign is an effective way to draw more attention to your brand, products, and services. Just ask Adidas. Their #allin or nothing campaign earned them 1.7 million Twitter mentions, 32 million YouTube views, and a total social media growth of 6 million new followers. Not too bad at all.

However, crafting a social media campaign worthy of these types of high-level numbers starts long before the campaign itself actually kicks off. So, if you’re interested in achieving a higher degree of success with your next social media crusade, here are four steps that you can take that will help you achieve that goal.

Step 1. Update Your Online Content

If your social media campaign is successful (which is the goal!), you’re going to be drawing more traffic than usual back to your website and any other online content you have. Even if that isn’t your specific goal, more and more people are going to want to learn about you, so they’ll naturally likely decide to check you out.

When they get there, do you want them to see a site that looks like it was put up years ago and never updated, or would you like to find an espresso site that is fresh and new? Of course, the obvious answer is the second one, which means taking the time to update your online content so it looks great when your visitors arrive.

Having a current site shows your target audience that you’re a company that cares enough about yourself to create a solid first impression and that you care enough about them to stay up on the latest trends. It also makes your brand more appealing, increasing the odds that they’ll want to engage with you longer term.

Step 2. Schedule Concurrent Sales and Promos

Because you’re going to be increasing the buzz around your company, that makes a social media campaign the perfect time to also release some sales and promotions. This way, you get your audience not only excited by badminton net about what you do, but about how much money you can potentially save them now that they’ve found you.

Not sure what type of sales to run? The promotions that tend to work best for small businesses include: 2-for-1 sales, buy-one-dehydrator-for-food, discounted coupon codes, and limited product availability. You might also consider offering daily deals or surprise free gifts (like 20% off if they return to their shopping cart after leaving it before placing an order).

Step 3. Know How You’ll Measure Your Results

The only way you’ll know if your social media campaign is effective is if you actually measure its results. This involves keeping track of any increases in engagement based on your calls to action.

For instance, if your social media campaign directs people back to your website, you’ll want to know if your traffic spikes after certain posts. To keep this data separate from your normal traffic, one option is to buy a different domain name. This way, you’ll know that any traffic that goes to that page is a direct result of your social media campaign.

Buying a domain on LCN.com – make sure to pick the most appropriate suffix from all the options you would get to choose from

Step 4. Schedule Regular Reviews

Finally, schedule regular reviews to go over your results and determine whether you’re hitting your desired targets. If you are, great! If not, make some tweaks to your campaign, set a new review date, and see if your changes improve your results.

Social media campaigns can be extremely effective, not only for growing your online presence, but for growing your business as a whole. By taking these four steps beforelaunching your next campaign, you’ll put your company in better line for both.

Image Credit: Pexels