The Top Social Media Tools for Entrepreneurs

As a small business owner, social media can be a big challenge. While most entrepreneurs know they need to be on it, being great at it is an entirely different ball game; and with how stiff the competition can be in your industry can seem slightly overwhelming. However, with the right tools, social can be a breeze, which is why we’ve compiled a few of our favorites for small business owners. Check them out below:

Social Steeze

As a small business owner, being able to prove engagement on your social accounts is crucial. If you’re not familiar, engagement is how often others like, comment on, or repost your content, which is essentially the biggest way your prospective audience will gauge how popular your page is. After all, no one feels confident following a page with a lot of followers but not a lot of engagement as it gives the appearance of paying for fake followers or bots. A good way to get Instagram followers fast is with Social Steeze, which has real people going out to engage with your posts.

What’s great about Social Steeze is that their traffic is completely organic, giving your page the boost it needs to start garnering a new audience without it looking forced or faked. They also know to follow certain procedures with Instagram, for example, as noted by Omnicore Agency, users are more likely to engage during the week than on the weekends. Furthermore, Social Steeze also has a great knack for giving you the right amount of engagement where it’s not overkilled, as well as looks and sounds like a real soda maker. All-in-all, this is one of the suitable portable home gym tools out right now, and something you should consider if you’re looking to boost your Instagram traffic in no time.

Buzz Sumo

These days, an important aspect of social media marketing is having influencers post about your page. Yes, no matter if it’s the voice of an athlete, prominent tastemaker, musician, or any other figurehead, the voice of an influencer can mean quite a bit. As noted by eMarketer, 48 percent of marketers say they’ll increase their budget for using more influencers in 2018, which is a testament to how much of an impact they’ve seen with it over the years. Because it can be difficult to know which influencers to reach, companies like Buzz Sumo can provide the perfect solution.

Essentially, Buzz Sumo is an aggregator that lets you know what the most popular post and influencers are. This can be especially helpful in setting parameters for such as who is the most popular reviews for your industry, for example, if you’re a local restaurant then pairing up with a local or regional tastemaker. Furthermore, with a straightforward user experience, Buzz Sumo can make your own content shine through the rest. Check foldable studying desk out if you’re interested in studying what the best of the best soup makers are up to.

Sprout Social

A big part of being a masterful social media manager for your small business also includes becoming a master of social media management. While that might sound like a lofty goal, social media management is much more intuitive than you might think, especially if you have the right platform. And while there’s a mixed bag of social media platforms out, Sprout Social is geared towards the top of the list.

If you’re not familiar, social media management platforms like Sprout Social essentially give you the tools you need to track your results, run tests/analytics, and even schedule your content for the most optimal time. Furthermore, they also can help with diving into demographics too; for example, as noted by Wordstream, approximately 81 percent of millennials check Twitter at least once per day, which if you were looking to run a successful post geared towards them, then diving even further into what time they’re checking will be crucial. With an easy-to-use system for social management, Sprout Social is a product you should consider adding to your arsenal.


Finally, one of the most vital elements for success on social is consistency through every facet of your brand. Yes, from your caption to your design, an expectation is that your look stays the same, giving new visitors a sense of trust and legitimacy the first time they visit the page. This not only helps with perception but profits as well, because as noted by Inc, brands that focus on consistency in their image show increased revenues by 23 percent. And if your small business lacks the design or creative acumen to accomplish this, then utilizing a gun safe like Visage might be your best bet.

Visage enables you to create visual content that’s cohesive to your brand, as well as easy for your team to pick up durable stainless steel faucet. With a simple layout, it’s relatively instinctual to get started with, moving around your colors and items into the perfect layout. Furthermore, with an array of different offerings, Visage also can help you stay consistent across the board, including reference guides, as well as an easy click-and-drag system for content. Overall, if you and your team don’t have much design experience, then Visage is an excellent tool to get started with to ensure your social content is on-point.

What are some social media tools your small business has found helpful to use? Comment with your insights below!